Meeting notes – Historic Environment Record

Meeting dedicated to HER – Historic Environment Record
29th November, 2011

While we were waiting for Ian to set up we went through some of the questions raised by Lorraine who had had gone through Wimbolts book to draw these out.

 i.e What is the link between Folkestone and the Warren and Imperial Rome ?

 We didnt spend long on it – so we really should pick this up again next time.

 Slide Show – HER Web Site

 Created during Henry VIII reign he instructed the collation of everything in ministries, librarys, maps of the rehlm, writers, histories of england and wales  etc.

Various people over the next couple of hundred years grew from the initial set of records.

Differences in records over the years show damage i.e Stone Henge and Avebury where some stones had been hidden or broken up to create local buildings etc.

 1984 HER was created

 It obtains info from the Heritage www site and English Heritage www site and these are mapped against the ordanance survey www site.

 General discussion after the slide show:-

 It is difficult to navigate and lots of historic info is put on top of the other but you can search specific i.e Roman. Google Earth shows more specific detail from the ground.  This is propriarty software and very expensive.

The ordanance survey/monument records are very limited.  The point data is very simple. i.e ROMAN VILLA FOLKESTONE comes out as a pink polygon rather than show any specific detail.

Lesley questioned –  How are we going to apply this technology to Folkestone ?  and our Roman Villa ?

What would be nice – is to be able to create a database which could take this location and then build layers into it i.e original villa before roman, roman villa, additions to villa over the years ?

We dont want replication – but more detail specific information on Folkestone and the Roman Villa.

Ben Croxford finding out more about HER – he is going to do a work shop in January.

Ian is going to collate the info that would be more specific to our area with regard to collating info for a link to the sites for pictures and information etc.

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