Phase Three

The Dark Ages and Anglo Saxon Folkestone

Historical references to Folkestone only begin in the 6th Century, and from then until 1500, most of the documentary evidence is limited to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, William Thorne, Domesday Book, grants, wills, judgements, and hagiography (the stories of saints).

Folkestone was reportedly ravaged by the Danes, the Normans, the French and the Scots, not to mention the sea, storms and earthquakes, and it is probable that a lot of documentary evidence has been lost in this way, as have the physical remains of the nunnery of St Eanswythe, the Anglo-Saxon Minster, the castle and the Priory.

This phase of the research will aim to collect and review the existing documentary evidence, to build up a more complete picture of Folkestone in the period after the Romans left, through the Anglo-Saxon period and the Kingdom of Kent, to the Norman Conquest.

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