Visitor’s Centre for Roman Villa Dig

When the dig gets underway again at the Roman Villa on East Cliff in June, the site will be equipped with a temporary building housing a visitor’s centre as well as providing shelter for volunteers and archaeologists in bad weather. The 32 x 10 foot building will enable people to examine finds, look at wall displays about the history of the site and listen to a talk by an outreach volunteer before visiting the dig.  It may also be used by groups of school students for educational activities.

As there was no funding for the building in the budget of A Town Unearthed, money has been raised independently by the Folkestone People’s History Centre. Funding has been provided by Folkestone Town Council (£500), the Tory Family Foundation (£500) and East Folkestone Change Together (£500). In addition, for outfitting the building with furniture and materials for interpretation, Kent County Council has given £1000 from their “Treasures Revealed” Funds and £250 through Roland Tolputt, Kent County Councillor. Keith Holland kindly put on a benefit at Googies Cafe which, organised by Kate Holtham-Oakley, raised a further £130. 

In addition to that given by those who enjoyed the evening at Googies, there have been other generous individual donations, amounting in total to over £299, collected at the ATU Forum at The Salvation Army community centre and at a talk by Richard Cross at the Church of SS Mary & Eanswythe. These have come from Linda Bauer, Ann Berry, Lawrence Blomfield, Susan Carey, Derek & Margaret Coombs, Sarah Craig, Alan Diston, Paul Fox, Susan Gould, The Hobbs Family, Yvonne Hutchcraft, Lesley Hardy, Shiela & Albert Ingleston, Hannah Lewis, Ruth Mason, Keith & Roma Mortimer, Iain Neilson, Mrs. J.M. North, Keith Parfitt, Nick Spurrier, Mrs. P.E. Yule and many others who did not leave their names.

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