Revealing the history of….your own garden!

How would you like to have the Time Team experience in your own back yard? If you live in Folkestone’s Bayle or East Cliff areas, there is a unique opportunity to open a window into the past of your garden. A Town Unearthed will be revisiting the area around the East Cliff and The Bayle, digging test pits. We already have some willing residents but more volunteers are always needed!

On the East Cliff we will be opening a series of test pits in gardens to establish the extent of the Roman Villa and earlier Iron Age settlement; and who knows what else we might discover! Those residents in the areas we want to do further work in have been contacted by leaflet but if you are interested in volunteering your garden then please contact us.  We hope to be opening a test pit on Jock’s Pitch and on The Bayle as recent archaeological work has uncovered some exciting new features.

If you want to invite us into your garden or want to get involved with the digging please contact us:

Email:  townunearthed@canterbury.ac.uk
Tel: 01303 850614

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