East Cliff excavation couple re-discovered

ATU was delighted to welcome Mr and Mrs Denis Miles to the Earth and Vision exhibition launch on April 14th.  Mr Miles had contacted the project after reading the report on the East Cliff excavations published in Current Archaeology last year. Mr Miles’ father  John Aubrey Miles was employed as a draftsman in the Folkestone Borough Engineer’s Office and was seconded to work on the Roman excavation directed by S.E. Winbolt. John was a very good draftsman and was the surveyor who drew the original plan that was published in the first edition of Roman Folkestone.

Mr Miles’ mother, Hilda May Cole, was also seconded to the site by the Borough Engineer to take photographs of the finds. For some reason neither John Miles nor Hilda Cole were credited for their work which includes some wonderful and previously unseen photographs. We hope to remedy this oversight and will be crediting them in all future research and publications.

Earth and Vision is an exciting combination of images and artefacts recording the history of Folkestone’s ancient landscape, currently on at the Sassoon Gallery, Folkestone Library.

If you know of or have recollection of anyone who worked on the East Cliff excavation please do let us know by contacting townunearthed@canterbruy.ac.uk

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