Send us your photographs

We welcome all contributions of photographs for the project and would like to thank everyone who has sent us images so far.

If you have photos of the Roman Villa dig, ATU events or anything else you think would be relevant to the project, please send them to us so we can add them to our archive.

How should photographs be sent?

  1. Some people have been sending groups of images on CD or DVD. This works well and we would like future submissions to be on disc. You can bring discs into the ATU office or post them to us:  A Town Unearthed: Folkestone Before 1500, University Centre Folkestone, Glassworks,
    Mill Bay, Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1JG
  2. If you have just a few images, you can e-mail them, but please make sure the attachments to any individual e-mail do not exceed 8MB in total. Send e-mails to w.hirstle56@canterbury.ac.uk
  3. You can use the service www.bigmailfile.com to upload large images and send them to w.hirstle@canterbury.ac.ukThis is a simple to use, free service. We have an account, simply go to www.bigmailfile.com/atownunearthed and follow the instructions on the screen.

Before you send your photographs…


  • Date taken – in the file name
  • Subject of your image – in the file name
  • If you have any additional information you can give us in an email or accompanying list about the time, what’s happening, the people in the shot etc. this will also be very helpful for us.
  • If you are providing additional information, please number your images to link with the numbering in your list to help us when looking through the images.

                eg.  image 001 – 23/7/10 –  Keith Parfitt at East Cliff site giving talk to local residents
                        image 002 – 23/7/10 – close up of finds washing on site

 If the whole group of photos you are submitting were taken on one date, you may also put photos with the same subject into a named and dated folder.


Please write your name on the disc(s) or put a note in with them.  If you want us to return the disc(s) please also tell us your postal address.


There is a 4MB limit on images for our web site. If you would like your photographs to potentially be used for the web site, please re-size them if they are over that limit.

What will happen to your photographs?

By submitting your photos to the project you are agreeing to their use in our promotional materials and other outputs, such as the ATU website, leaflets, fliers, posters, exhibitions etc. If you have images you do not want to be used in this way but think they would be of interest to us, let us know via e-mail: w.hirstle56@canterbury.ac.uk

Your photographs will be downloaded onto our server and categorised. Your CD or DVD will be stored at the ATU office unless you ask us to send it back to you.

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