ATU volunteers update – April 2011

 Dear ATU volunteers,

We are busy planning the next season of the roman villa excavation at the East Cliff  and are also recruiting for some new volunteer roles. Please follow the link below to find out about these.  For further information contact us at townunearthed@canterbury.ac.uk.

Volunteer roles

Schedule of the East Cliff Roman Villa excavation

*         Start date – Saturday 28th May, WEEKENDS ONLY until 11th July
*         Portacabin (for outreach display and visitor centre) arrives on site on Wednesday 15th June
*         Roman and Iron Age Living History re-enactment weekend on site- 2nd/3rd July
*         Dig continues 7 days a week from Monday 11th July
*         Target end date – Monday 29th August

Booking your place at the dig

 Because of the number of volunteers involved we need everyone who would like to be involved to let us know the number of days and dates that they would like to commit to for either digging, finds processing or in an outreach capacity talking to visitors at the site.  Even if you are flexible, we would like you to commit to a set number of days and dates that you know you want to do so that we can be sure who we are expecting each day.  We will then produce a calendar to display this information on site.  Our guidelines are for a maximum capacity of 30 volunteers for digging, 10 for finds processing and 6 Outreach volunteers on site per day.  Places will be offered on a first come first served basis.


We are going to be running 2 training sessions in preparation for the dig.  These will cover the rules of the site and specific guidance for diggers, health and safety, finds processing and guidance on becoming an outreach volunteer including the messages we will want to relay to the public.  It is important that you try to attend one of these sessions, even if you are an experienced volunteer as they will cover systems set up for this season’s dig.  If you cannot attend one of these, please indicate this in your email.  Depending on numbers we may run another session or arrange to brief you in person separately.

Please email townunearthed@canterbury.ac.uk ,subject line VILLA DIG AVAILABILITY with the following information: 

– Full name:

– Dates you would like to dig – please indicate if these are full or half days (minimum of half a day per day is required):

– Dates you would like to do finds processing (minimum of half a day per day):

– Dates you would like to work in an Outreach capacity (minimum of half a day per day):

– Total number of days:

Please also indicate the following:

 – I can/cannot attend the training session on Wednesday 18th May, 5.30 – 7.30pm UCF

– I can/cannot attend the training session on Wednesday 29th June, 5.30 – 7.30pm UCF

– I cannot attend either training session

 If you have any queries about any of the above information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at townunearthed@canterbury.ac.uk.

 We are looking forward to an exciting second season of the excavation which we hope will help us to build a better understanding of the site and its history.  Thank you all for your continued interest in the project.

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