Volunteer groups: Research and Oral History

Research and Oral History

The Research and Oral History Group will provide the important History background to Folkestone’s early past.

Volunteers will work with local museums, archives and libraries to uncover existing knowledge and to generate new insights into the past.

Those with an interest in oral history will have the opportunity to collect the memories and stories that are associated with the key landscape sites, as well as interviewing archaeologists and others working on the project, to record new knowledge and insights.

The research will be divided into phases, as follows:

Phase One: Where Others Have Gone Before: A History of antiquarians, archaeologists, historians, curators, collectors and others in Folkestone (December 2010 –March 2011)

Phase Two: Iron Age and Roman Folkestone  (March2011 – September 2011)

Phase Three: The Dark Ages and Anglo Saxon Folkestone ( October 2011- Feb 2012)

Phase Four: Folkestone in the Middle Ages (March 2012 – September 2012)

Phase Four: Folkestone in earliest Times ( October 2012 –March 2013)

The dates in brackets indicate when each phase is intended to be completed. This may change, according to the volume of work and progress made.

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