Volunteering with the project

The project welcomes volunteers across a range of activities and has three volunteer groups that work in the following areas:


Volunteers in the Archaeology group will be offered training and the opportunity of working alongside professional archaeologists, helping to carry out a wide range of archaeological tasks.  These will include excavation, surveying, recording, finds processing and publication of results.

Meeting the Past: Community events and Education

Volunteers in the Community events and Education will work with educational advisors, curators and artists to help develop materials, displays and events for the community and school.  This is an ideal role for anyone with an interest in interpreting the past, teaching or events organisation.

Research and Oral History

The Research and Oral History group will provide the important history and background to Folkestone’s early past.  Volunteers will work with local museums, archives and libraries to uncover existing knowledge and to generate new insights into the past.  Those with an interest in Oral History will have the opportunity to collect the memories and stories that are associated with key landscape sites as well as interviewing archaelogists and others working on the project to record new knowledge and insights.

If you would like to take part you can join one, to or all three groups, depending on how much time you have to offer, what sorts of activities you want to take part in and what skills you want to develop.

Email townunearthed@canterbury.ac.uk for an application form or telephone the project office on 01303 850614 for further information.

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