Site updates – Week 9

We are now half way through our period of extra time but there is still masses left to do. 

The weather has been a bit mixed with gale force winds and low flying buckets but we have had a couple of really nice sunny days (with a good spitfire display yesterday).

On site, work on the big diagonal ditch is now almost complete.  It is now looking as if the ditch itself was dug in the very early Roman period although most of the finds are of late Iron Age date weathered out of earlier deposits through which the ditch  is cut.

Nearby is was another interesting discovery. Lying on a cluster of large boulders we have found the complete skeleton of a pig.  This without doubt is what archaeologists refer to as a “special deposit” or “placed deposit”.

Very clearly this has been put in the bottom of the ditch for ritual purposes.  Those on last years dig may remember a group of Samian Wear vessels deliberately placed  in a ditch located in a trial trench away from the main site.

Digging of a soil layer, cut through by the big ditch, has produced a number of interesting finds including a couple of Iron Age coins and a rather fine brooch dated about AD 40- 70.

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