Site updates – Week 8

Having reached the last day of August and the intended finish date of the dig, we are still here with masses to do.

The Management has calculated that we can afford to continue digging until the end of September.  Unfortunately the weather over this past week has been poor and the number of diggers turning up has consequently been reduced.

Nevertheless there have been some highly significant discoveries made.

We have now established that the early Roman ditch running along the seaward side of the site cuts through an earlier and even bigger ditch running diagonally across the excavation.  This is now being excavated with gusto (and Richard).

Just recently a complete bronze brooch dated to c.AD 40-80 has been recovered from the base of this ditch together with the broken fragments of a half complete pot.

Another interesting find recently has been a piece of stamped imported pottery marked …ERT.  Speculation that the potter in question may have been Bert seems unlikely because he would have been French.

We have had several more eminent archaeologists visiting the site.  These include Dr Roger Goodburn and Sally Stowe.  As an academic,  Roger has had a great interest in the Folkestone Villa for many years which just serves to underline the fact that the importance of the East Wear Bay Villa is widely recognised amongst the British Archaeological community, as well as locally.

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