Site updates – Week 7

A week of mixed weather but reasonable progress has been made.

Work on the big Roman ditch along the seaward side of the site continues.   Elsewhere on the site we have said a fond farewell to the last of the lower courtyard surfacing.

Amongst the finds recovered from the courtyard was a complete iron writing stylus. This was found by Terry, who never finds anything of interest (he says).

We are now excavating soil layers below the level of the courtyard and these are producing lots of late Iron Age finds.

Lots of visitors continue to come to the site and on good days we tend to get around seventy people.

Amongst the more important people coming this week were Dr Malcolm Lyne and Dr Paul Booth, both eminent archaeologists. Malcolm has been studying the pottery we recovered from last years dig and he has now provided us with his preliminary report. Lots of interesting late Iron Age wares are noted.

Yesterday on site Malcolm was able to identify part of a Terra-Nigra platter which may be dated to the Augustan period. (Your homework for this week – find out when the Roman Emperor Augustus reigned.)

Looking at the amount of stratified deposits still to excavate it has been agreed that we can extend the length of the dig until the end of September so we will be looking for continued support from our excellent voluntary team.

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