Site updates – Week 14

We are now well past day 100 of the excavation but significant discoveries continue. 

We have now taken about half the site down to the top of the natural clay. In the layers immediately above this we have recovered lots of pre-historic worked flints and early pottery, some of which could be Neolithic.

At a higher level we are still looking at the remains of late Iron Age chalk floored buildings, several of which were provided with hearths and ovens just outside.

A few a days ago we located what appeared to be another ditch.  However it is very wide and very shallow and it is filled with large stones. There is still more work to do but it is now looking more like a sunken way roughly surfaced with stones. Could this represent a road leading down to the beach? Could this be the route by which greensand boulders were brought up to the cliff top for working into querns?

We continue to welcome visitors to the site, both individuals and organised groups.  Recent groups have included the Wye Historical Society. A radio interview with Keith describing the site was broadcast on BBC Radio Kent on 24th October.

The visitor figures now stand at well over 7,000 individuals.

The weather continues to be kind to us but we all know that we are on borrowed time.  Let us hope that the weather does not finally break for the winter until we have finished.

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