Site updates – Week 11

We have reached the end of extra time and there is still plenty to dig.  Over the last few days the weather has turned to hot and sunny conditions and the general view of the Management seems to be, keep your head down and keep digging.

This we have been doing and another two Late Iron Age ditches have been revealed.  This brings the total number to seven, all running in different directions. The earlier ones are a littler bit smaller than the later ditches so take a little less effort to dig out, although their edges are rather difficult to define.

Between them their fillings have produced large amounts of interesting finds. One ditch has produced sherds from what looks to be a complete imported beaker in terra rubra.

We have also been cleaning up some areas of chalk flooring. The surface of this is somewhat eroded and has probably been damaged  by subsequent activity on the site. Nevertheless, this chalk looks as if it represents the base of a building.

The schools are now back and we have welcomed a number of parties to the excavations in addition to smaller groups of general visitors enjoying the last of the summer sunshine. A proportion of these visitors are coming to the site from a distance because they saw us on the television.

Among the visitors has been Brian Haines who taught Keith ‘A’ level Ancient History nearly 40 years ago and provided the basis for much of his knowledge of Roman Britain (including Roman villas).

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