Site updates – Week 10

As we approach the end of our September extension there is still a lot left to do and the Management is hoping that we can somehow continue work into October, although money is going to be extremely tight. 

In the excavations things are really starting to hot up.  Two more late Iron Age ditches have been discovered .  One of these has produced some really good material including imported pottery in the form of Terra Rubra, Terra Nigra and White Ware Butt Beaker. Elsewhere on the site traces of chalk floors are starting to show.  These are likely to represent the remains of timber buildings, perhaps houses. 

The quern stone count has continued to rise steadily with a dozen stones entered into the register over the last three days.  Most of these are roughouts and unfinished examples.  Several show central spindle holes which are incomplete.

It would seem that when making the querns, drilling the spindle hole was the last thing to do and this was  the most difficult job when there was a real risk that the stone would split in half and become useless.

With the return of children to school some additional school visits have been arranged and over the last few days we have been able to show well over a hundred children around the site.

Looking at the visitor figures to the site overall it seems likely that we will have shown  in excess 6,000 people around the dig before we finish.

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