Site updates – Week 6

Another week of good progress, although the numbers turning up to dig has been variable and rather less than in previous weeks. 

The lower Roman courtyard metalling has been drawn and is now largely removed to reveal the soil layers below.  These are producing large quantities of finds most of which looks to be early Roman with some Pre-Conquest material.

There have been some good individual finds this week including an iron writing stylus, a brooch in the form of a fish (?) and another brooch of late Iron Age date.

Much to the relief of the pot washing department the quantities of Roman tile turning up is now very small. This must be another indication that we are moving towards digging pre-Villa deposits.

Down at the pot washing table a fourth piece of our mother goddess figurine has been identified.  This represents another piece of her wicker work chair.

Along the seaward side of the site, work on the deep early Roman ditch filled in to make way for the Villa has resumed now that the upper levels have been removed.

Lots of steady digging here.  From what we have seen so far it would seem that this ditch represents a final re-cut of the complex ditch system yet to be fully investigated.

It has been another good week for visitors with visits from two archaeological/history societies.

Amongst the individuals visiting, have been Andrew Selkirk, Editor of Current Archaeology; Dr Ernest Black, author of a book on Roman Villas in south east Britain; Also Dr David Rudling, Sussex Archaeologist and excavator of a number of Roman Villas.

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