Site updates – Week 5

A good weeks work with some steady progress made.

An area of fallen Roman walling by the front entrance porch was cleaned, drawn, photographed and removed.  Below it was a rather more extensive area of fallen Roman roof tile apparently collapsed from the front portion of the Villa.

About twenty five sacks full of this tile was bagged up and taken for storage at Dover (plenty of washing for the winter here).

Despite a careful search no tiles stamped with the mark of the Roman Fleet CLBR was found.

With the removal of the fallen roof material more of the lower courtyard surfacing has become visible.  It is now clear that this forms a patchy layer of stone hard standing in front of the Villa. The next job is to clean this, photograph it, plan it and remove it. 

Two interesting finds have already been made within the makeup of this surfacing.

The other find was rather more interesting.  Found by soldier Steve on his last day, was a tiny little red stone incorporated into a patch of small brown flint pebbles – not very easy to spot.

The stone turns out to be an intaglio or engraved gemstone from a Roman signet ring.  It shows a standing human figure holding a stick like implement.  The details of this figure have yet to be identified but it is likely to be derived from something in Roman mythology.

The pot washing team has forged on ahead this week and claim to have finished everything (apart from sixty bags of roman tiles fortunately moved to storage in Dover).

Amongst the finds they have identified has been a small chisel ended  arrowhead of flint quite possibly of Mesolithic date (8,000 – 4,000 BC)

There has also been a small fragment of our smashed mother goddess figurine – only another twenty or thirty pieces to go and this should be complete.

We have had lots of family groups coming to visit on their summer holidays.  Several have brought in finds made on the beach including lots of fossils and fragments of 19th and 20th century pottery but nothing Roman as yet.

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