Site updates – Week 4

Another good week although Thursday was a washout .  Nevertheless  the hardy Pot Washers kept going.

On site the last of the late Roman rubble deposits have been removed and we are now working towards exposing more of the lower courtyard surface already partially exposed.

Various odd small blocks of soil have been cleared so that we can get down to a constant level across the site.

In the process some interesting finds have been made.  Amongst recent discoveries are a piece of roman moulded glass with raised lettering, a nice bone pin, and a bronze ring brooch.

The most interesting find however has been made by the pot washers who continue to work through the vast amounts of material being recovered.  Amongst the fragments contained within layer 505 (a dump of domestic rubbish against the northeast wing), two fragments of a Roman Mother Goddess figurine have been identified.

Such figurines were made in France and imported into Britain.  Several examples are known from Canterbury and there are two from Dover.  When complete these consist of a Roman Lady sitting in a high backed wickerwork chair holding a baby in each arm.

Our example has unfortunately been broken (by the Romans) into quite a few pieces.  So far we have found two fragments, both parts of the wicker chair.  The actual human figures have still to be recovered.

The layer itself has been fully excavated but hopefully more fragments are still to be found in the numerous unwashed finds trays from this layer.

The outreach team continue to show visitors around the site, mostly family groups but also including a group of Shepway District Councillors who expressed considerable interest in the project.

On Sunday we have members of the Association of Roman Archaeology coming for a visit. 

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