Site updates – Week 1

Full time Work started on Monday 11th July. The weekend team had done a good job preparing the site so that we could start excavating  immediately.

This year’s excavation will be taking place across the courtyard of the Villa on an area never before touched by archaeologists

The weather has been a bit mixed and quite cold on certain days but work has progressed well with between 20-30 people on site each day – some of whom are on work experience from local schools.

We have had a lot of visitors to the site including several hundred local school children.

Significant quantities of finds have been discovered and these are being washed on site as they come out of the ground.

Shepway District Council has very kindly arranged us water supply on site this year which makes things much easier for the finds processing team who now do not have manhandle  jerry cans of water from a supply across the road. (Previously very kindly provided by a local resident.)

Nick Spurrier has done sterling work masterminding the fundraising for this cabin in which to keep our records and use as an exhibition centre for our many visitors and volunteers who will be able to see some of the finds from this site and keep up with events.

On site the most interesting feature so far discovered is an extensive spread  of late Roman laid rubble.

We have spent a long time carefully cleaning the surface of this.  At the start it looked as if this rubble might represent a floor of a timber building set in the yard in front of the main Villa.

However the absence of post holes is beginning to make this seem less likely now. More probably it represents the final surfacing of the Roman courtyard.

Our pottery specialist, Malcom Lyne, has taken delivery of all the pottery  recovered last year and has made a start analysing it.  He tells us that there is some very interesting material amongst it but nothing much later than AD 300.

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