Site Supervisor’s excavation diary – week two (August 8th to 14th, 2010)

Day 8 – Sunday 8th August.  KP, AR, RH and 20 volunteers

     Continued excavating Trench 1.  Extended Trench 2 and located further Roman deposits.  Completed excavation of Trench 5.   Dry all day.

Day 9 – Monday 9th August.  KP, RH and 11 volunteers

     Drew section of Trench 1 – BC and Kate Boulden.   Continued excavating Trench 3. Photographed Trench 5.  Set up visitor tent and display for Marion Green.  Dry all day.

Day 10 – Tuesday 10th August.  KP, RH, MG and 4 volunteers

     Heavy rain and wind – no digging.  Did pot-washing until 1pm.  Rain stopped in the afternoon but mostly too wet to dig in the trenches.  However, managed to extend Trench 1.  Site visit from Peter Shaw of Shepway Council – an old amateur digger from years ago.

Day 11 – Wednesday 11th August.  KP, BC, RH, AR and 16 volunteers.

     Continued excavating Trench 1 as well extending Trench 3.  Sampled fill layers in Trench 5.  Updated 1:100 trench plan.   Dry all day – numerous visitors to site display.

Day 12 – Thursday 12th August.  KP, BC, RH and 16 volunteers

     Continued excavating Trenches 1 and 3 as well as the washing of finds on site.  Drew section across ditch in Trench 1.  Dry all day (just).

Day 13 – Friday 13th August.  KP, BC, RH and 21 volunteers

     Back-filled Trenches 2 and 5 and continued excavation of Trench 1.  Started test pits across main villa and courtyard area.  Rearranged site fences.  Continued pot-washing on site.  At 3.55 a strong gust of wind blew down the site tent and smashed a complete Roman amphora on loan from Canterbury.  Dry all day but rain shower as we were leaving the site at 4.30.

Day 14 – Saturday 14th August.  KP, AR, PB and 13 volunteers

     Made an early start but heavy rain soon fell until 1.30.  Continued digging in the afternoon which was sunny.  Cut long trench across the villa courtyard area.  Emptied a section of Winbolt’s dig by South-East corridor wall – much dumped pottery and tile recovered (including early, Dressed 1 amphora).

KP = Keith Parfitt, BC = Barry Corke, RH = Richard Hoskins, AR = Andrew Richardson (all Canterbury Archaeological Trust staff)

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