Site Supervisor’s excavation diary – week four (August 22nd to 28th, 2010)

Day 22 – Sunday 22nd August.  KP, PB, RH and 14 volunteers

     Rained for most of the day allowing only two hours of work.  Finds washed on site.  Filled and laid sand bags around dig edges.  Searched spoil heaps for finds.  Rained off at 1:45 – hopeless!

Day 23 – Monday 23rd August.  KP, BC, RH and 9 volunteers

     Heavy rain overnight –main site extremely wet.  Extended Trench 1 to a complete rectangle and stripped off upper soil layers.  Numerous finds including Roman quernstones.   LH on site for most of the day.  KP did phone interview with Folkestone newspaper in the afternoon.  Very windy all day. 

Day 24 – Tuesday 24th August.  KP, BC, RH, LH and 19 volunteers

     Continued digging in Trench 1 as well as cleaning ash from the villa walls.  Continued digging a modern pit in the villa courtyard area.  Dry but very windy.

Day 25 – Wednesday 25th August.  KP, BC, RH and 11 volunteers

     Continued cleaning Roman walls.  Continued digging modern pit in the courtyard area.  Did finds washing on site.  Also continued excavation of Trench 1.  Site mentioned on Radio KM-FM.  Rained off at 3pm.

Day 26 – Thursday 26th August.  KP, BC, RH and 4 volunteers

     Heavy rain overnight – site very wet; helpful only a few volunteers came in – filled sand bags and washed finds. In the afternoon did some digging around entrance porch of the villa – located post sockets for original 1920s mosaic cover building – interesting.  Continued finds washing.  3.15 site visit from Lesley Hardy and a VIP from Christ Church University, Canterbury.  Did metal-detector searches of spoil heaps – nothing of special interest found.

Day 27 – Friday 27th August.  KP, BC, RH and 8 volunteers

     More rain overnight with light rain throughout the day.  Site mainly too wet to dig.  Did finds washing on site.  Filled more sand bags.  In the afternoon dug out back-filling around front villa corridor wall.  Left site at 4:30 – still very wet.

Day 28 – Saturday 28th August.  KP, PB, LH and 14 volunteers

     A dry day.  Site had been “night-hawked” (illegal metal-detecting) since we left site on the previous day.  Two large and two small holes had been dug into the sides of the modern pit in the courtyard.  Photographed the damage and cleaned up the pit – very annoyed.   Continued cleaning walls of North-East wing of the villa.   Did finds washing on site.  Dry all day with numerous visitors.

KP = Keith Parfitt, BC = Barry Corke, RH = Richard Hoskins, AR = Andrew Richardson  (all Canterbury Archaeological Trust staff)

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