Site Supervisor’s excavation diary – week three (August 15th to 21st, 2010)

Day 15 – Sunday 15th August.  KP, AR, PB, RH and 31 volunteers

     Continued excavating Trenches 1 and 4.  Completed fencing off the villa compound.  Filled sand bags ready for use on site.  Cut trenches around edges of area to be dug.  Did pot-washing on site.  Dry all day but windy.   Many visitors to the site.

Day 16 – Monday 16th August.  KP, BC, RH and 16 volunteers = MACHINE – DAY 1

     Used large excavating machine to clear part of the villa courtyard area together with the North-East wing of villa Block A.  Machine arrived late (started work at 1pm).  Continued hand excavation in Trench 1.  Dry all day but very windy.

Day 17 – Tuesday 17th August.  KP, BC, RH and 21 volunteers – MACHINE – DAY 2

     Completed machine work at 3.00pm, including the back-filling of Trench 3.  Started cleaning up after machine.   Drew plan and section of Trench 3 before back-filling.  Continued finds washing on site.  Site visit from Peter Clark from C.A.T.   Live BBC Radio Kent broadcast from the site in the morning.  Dull and cloudy all day.   Metal-detectorists searched spoil heap, nothing Roman but a modern gold ring found.

Day 18 – Wednesday 18th August.  KP, BC, RH and 23 volunteers

     Commenced digging of ash backfill deposit by hand.  Levelled and cleaned area of Trench 3 – Reduced the size of the fenced compound.  Finds washing continued on site.  Numerous visitors.  Had some aerial photographs taken of the site.  Dry all day.

Day 19 – Thursday 19th August.  KP, BC, RH, MG and 27 volunteers

     Continued digging ash deposit by hand – large team all day.  Drew section across South-East villa corridor wall and South-East wall of villa Room 40.   Made 1:20 plan of same then back-filled trench in order to create a spectator area.  Finds washing and sorting continued on site.  Numerous visitors.  Dry all day (just). 

Day 20 – Friday 20th August.  KP, BC, RH and 17 volunteers

     Continued digging ash deposit and largely completed bulk digging.  Continued tidying site.  Finds washing and sorting on-site.  Visit from Gabor Thomas (University of Reading) currently digging at Lyminge.  Dry all day.  Local newspaper photographer took photos of the site.

Day 21 – Saturday 21st August.  KP, PB and 14 volunteers

     Continued digging ash around Roman villa walls whilst cleaning the same.  Started digging features in the villa courtyard area.  Did finds washing and sorting on site.   Numerous visitors.  Dry all day but cloudy.

KP = Keith Parfitt, BC = Barry Corke, RH = Richard Hoskins, AR = Andrew Richardson  (all Canterbury Archaeological Trust staff)

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