Site Supervisor’s excavation diary – week thirteen (October 24th to 30th, 2010)

Sunday 24th October.  KP, RH, AR and 15 volunteers

     Continued digging below Room 50.  Back-filled the North-East area with ash and levelled with soil.  Did finds washing on site.  Dry and sunny all day.

Monday 25th October.  KP, RH and 8 volunteers

     Re-turfed and levelled Trench 1.  Continued recording in Room 50 – took soil sample.  Made notes on modern repairs to the Roman walls.  Sunny and dry all day.

Tuesday 26th October.  KP, BC, RH and 7 volunteers

     Completed excavations in Room 50 and back-filled with ash.  Light rain all afternoon but work continued until 4pm.   Site visit from Hannah and Colin (Folkestone).  Drew section in Room 51 and did further digging here.  BC continued with the paperwork.

Wednesday 27th October.  KP, BC, RH and 3 volunteers

     Completed excavations below Room 51.  Sealed ash deposit in Room 50.  BC continued checking paper work.  Dull with occasional light rain all day.

Thursday 28th October.  KP, BC, RH and 6 volunteers

     Did final recording in Room 51 and back-filled with ash.  Took wall detail photographs.  Drew a long section.  Did finds washing on site.  Dry all day.

Friday 29th October.  KP, BC, RH and 5 volunteers

     Capped ash with clay in Rooms 52 and 53.  Took final photographs.   Started back-filling the courtyard area.  Did finds washing on site.  Dry all day.

Saturday 30th October.  KP and 6 volunteers

     Continued back-filling the courtyard area.  Took final levels on the villa walls.  Did final planning and measurements.  Did finds washing on site.  Dry all day.

KP = Keith Parfitt, BC = Barry Corke, RH = Richard Hoskins, AR = Andrew Richardson  (all Canterbury Archaeological Trust staff)

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