Site Supervisor’s excavation diary – week six (September 5th to 11th, 2010)

Sunday 5th September.  KP, RH and 19 volunteers

Continued digging North-East area.  Made small extension to Trench 1.  Took more photos of the villa walls.  Revealed more early chalk flooring below Room 50.  Did site tour for diggers.  Did finds washing on site.  Dry all day.

Monday 6th September.  KP, BC, RH and 18 volunteers

Continued digging the North-East area.  Excavated first stratified deposits in back of Rooms 50, 52 and 53 – more chalk flooring also revealed.   Did finds washing on site.  Rained off at 3pm.  BC started main site plan of the villa walls. 

Tuesday 7th September.  KP, BC, RH and 12 volunteers

Continued digging the North-East area and continued digging stratified deposits in Rooms 52 and 53.  Early chalk floors further exposed.  Site getting very complex.  Filled sand bags to make access steps into that dig at various points.  Continued digging in Trench 1.  Did finds washing on site.  Dry and sunny all day after rain previous night. 

Wednesday 8th September.  KP, BC, RH and 6 volunteers

Steady rain all morning – did paper work and finds washing.  Dug in North-East area in the afternoon but most of the site was too wet to work.

Thursday 9th September.  KP, BC, RH and 10 volunteers

Site damp from overnight rain but workable.  Continued revealing early chalk flooring below the villa walls.  Continued work on the North-east area.  Drew three measured sections.  Did finds washing on site.  Visit from Friends of C.A.T. at 2pm.   Site visit from AR.  Dry and sunny all day. 

Friday 10th September.  KP, BC, RH and 29 volunteers

Site too wet to work after overnight rain (again).  Worked on the North-East area (helpfully covered with plastic sheet).   Examined structural details in Rooms 50 and 52 of the villa.  In the afternoon excavated early deposits below Rooms 51 and 53.  Drew a section across Room 53.  Site visits from Dr Malcolm Lyne (Roman pottery specialist) and Peter Kendall (English Heritage Inspector) – site looking good.  Also visit from Christ Church University photographer and University staff who did some pot washing.  Local artist Ken Fisher drew the site – more artistic than BC’s technical drawings.

Saturday 11th September.  KP, PB, and 18 volunteers

Drew plans of chalk floors located below Rooms 52 and 53.  Excavated early clay layer in Room 51.  Exposed more of an early stone-lined drain discovered below Room 50.  Did finds washing on site.  Dull and cloudy all day – remained dry (just).

KP = Keith Parfitt, BC = Barry Corke, RH = Richard Hoskins, AR = Andrew Richardson  (all Canterbury Archaeological Trust staff)

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