Site Supervisor’s excavation diary – week one (August 1st to 7th, 2010)

Day 1 – Sunday, 1st August.  KP, AR and 8 volunteers

     Cleaned out upper and lower tool stores.   Painted upper shed.   Unloaded equipment for dig. Discussed position of trenches with AR.   Cloudy, with some light rain.

Day 2 – Monday, 2nd August.  KP, AR, BC and 9 volunteers

     Site fencing arrived.  Erected two compounds for excavation sites.  Marked out trial pits in upper compound and started digging.   Modern land drain located in Trench 2 and a modern wall foundation in Trench 1.  Site visit from David Ilsley from Shepway District Council  – he had no problems with our activities.  Rained off at 3.30 – very heavy rain.

Day 3- Tuesday, 3rd August.  KP and 11 volunteers. 

     Continued excavating Trenches 1 & 2.  Started two new trenches (Trenches 3 & 4).  Discovered Roman samian ware in a feature within Trench 2.   More early pottery in Trench 1.  Trench 3 sectioned the 19th century road ridge visible in the field.  Dry all day but windy in the afternoon.

Day 4 – Wednesday, 4th August.  KP, BC and 10 volunteers

     Continued excavating trenches.   Completed Trenches 3 & 4 and drew sections of both.  Started 1:100 site plan showing location of trenches.   Photographed Trench 3.  Rained off at 3.30.   Much local interest in work.

Day 5 – Thursday 5th August.  KP, AR and 8 volunteers

     Continued excavating Trenches 1 & 2.   Discovered more samian pottery.   Drew long section of Trench 1.  Photographs taken.  Dry all day.

Day 6 – Friday 6th August.  KP, BC and 14 volunteers

     Made 1:20 plan of Trench 2.  Continued excavating Trench 1.  Marion Green on site talking to outreach volunteers.  Discovered more pottery.  Finds being washed on site.  Dry all day.

Day 7 – Saturday 7th August.  KP, AR and 9 volunteers.

     Continued excavating Trench 1 to the east.  Completed excavation of Trench 2 and photographed.   Started excavation of Trench 5.  Completed back-filling of Trench 4.  Late start due to rain in the morning which cleared later in the day.

KP = Keith Parfitt, BC = Barry Corke, RH = Richard Hoskins, AR = Andrew Richardson (all Canterbury Archaeological Trust staff)

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