Digger’s diary – the first day (August 1st, 2010)

On the East Cliff there is a little hut at the entrance to The Warren camp site and that is where we all congregated on this  the first day of The Dig. We had been warned that there were things to do before we could actually get out our trowels and start looking for what was underground.

Things to do entailed cleaning out the inside and outside to make it fit for computers to be installed and most important, making tea. Just as we thought we had finished, two large cans of wood preservative suddenly appeared along with a fistful of brushes and painting became our main occupation.

That preservative was a most peculiar colour and it would not be nice to tell you what some people called it.  A passer by summed it up beautifully in one word! However, we did the job and the old hut didn’t look too bad once it had dried.

It was a good day to work together and get to know each other and those with “the knowledge” imparted their wisdom about certain things you could and couldn’t do on a dig. No big training days here, it’s learn on the job, fast. 

One bit of knowledge gratefully received – whatever you do don’t turn up with an eight inch trowel. Get a nice little job about four inches and a proper archaeological one if you can. Oh, and put your name on it.

Campers kept stopping and asking the way to the camp site and could they park on OUR SITE and have their lunch. Whatever next!


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