Digger’s Diary – The first meeting 17th June 2010

17th June 2010 – A Town Unearthed

The very first meeting of Townies with the experts down at the UCF centre.  Sat and listened along with 25 other keen wannabe’s  to lots of jargon  I didn’t have a clue about.  Then came “The Signing.”  Oh! what have we gone and done?

Why did I think it was only about excavation and washing a few bits and pieces – It’s BIG, BIG, BIG. With Research and Outreach, whatever that is, although I think it means “telling everyone else what we have found”.  I’m going to hitch a crafty ride on some of those trips that were hinted at. 

Will we all be as keen and enthusiastic at the end of three years?  I do hope so because afterwards it was down, or is it up, to the British Lion where all the real stuff came out between pints and chips. Reports and Books and Accountability.  It’s not just the Roman Villa it’s the whole blessed town.  My bit of “keen” can only cope with the villa at the moment.

I distinctly heard one voice say “this dig will only succeed if it is planned as a Military Operation” Are you all reading this?  Stand to attention, then.

A sobering thought but we’ve actually got to find something and we don’t know what’s down there and anyway we might have to dig our way down through the infill of ash till we find anything of note to justify the funding.  Some of its gone over the cliff already.  Mental note, do not dig near the edge and get insurance up to date.

Don’t we all love a challenge! –  Home to bed – I wonder where my trowel is.


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