We were supposed to finish digging by the end of September but here we are in October in the pouring rain  -IT NEVER STOPS .

Found myself in a trench slicing through clay looking for the the first layer of occupation, that is, the earliest in real date terms.   We find flints in this layer along with a few bones and what looks like pottery but not sure about this. Finally went home.

Back after the rain – another day – to find stalwarts shovelling toffee into barrows.  My job was to go through the barrows and pull out any flints. Some lucky person pulled out a beautiful arrowhead on the day I was not there.

We are working against the clock now to finish before the weather gets any worse and are filling in the trenches up to the Villa level. Keith is still taking photographs and plotting the area along with Barrie.

Because we have found evidence of a Round House under the Roman remains  it is surmised that there will be others when we dig next year on the area of what was later the Roman courtyard.

This area has been overlaid with tarpaulins  and  is being covered with a thin layer of soil so that next year we wont have to dig off the top layer again.  It looks like a sunken arena.  We had to put sloping sides on it –  more barrowing! – to stop people falling in over the winter.

The rest of the Villa is now covered and protected for the winter and will be quickly uncovered for display next year.

I wasn’t on site for the final day but met up with everyone again at an “end of dig get together” one evening in Googies.  Good to see people, various fun awards given out  and lots of speculation on what we are going to do in the winter.


We need volunteers to do this. (Training and supervision on hand).  So all those who didn’t fancy digging, barrowing and trowelling please come along and help with this very important job.  DEM BONES, FLINTS AND POTS all need numbering and resorting.  Just the job sitting in a nice cosy room with even nicer people for company and you will learn all about the history of Folkestone along with the latest gossip!.

I’ve oiled my trowel and put it away


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