Digger’s diary – May 28th and 29th, 2011

Saturday May 28th

Here we are back again at the East Cliff unveiling the Villa, but not before we had to clear  away all those noxious weeds that had a lovely time growing on the backfill  from last year.

The ground is like iron.  The men and a few tough ladies chopped away at them and others gathered them up and made a pile just outside the boundary of the site.

The rest of us were putting up the fences and working out the perimeters.  That was all in the morning.

Afternoon – We started to move the backfill off the plastic covers on the Villa.  A very dusty job, not helped by the wind blowing a gale and sending the dust into our faces – We soon worked out which way to face to avoid the worst.  I elected to barrow and lost track of the number of times I visited the spoil heap.  Maurice was there with his metal detector. 

Somebody dropped in a modern coin just to encourage him and then he found an old three penny bit.  Anybody remember those?

A little bit of plastic covered wall appeared and we all got excited but we can’t take it off until the whole site is cleared.

Another group were clearing out the shed ready to take the tools etc.  It’s all taking on a familiar atmosphere.

We had entertainment in the shape of a spitfire, accompanied by two helicopters filming, that came and went all day.  I learned later that it was doing joy rides for people who obviously have lots of cash.  Wish I had! 

Last year we all got to know Daisy, Pauls dog, who was very experienced at removing lunch from our bags when we weren’t looking.  Sadly Daisy, an old hand on Archaeological digs won’t be joining us any more.  Condolences to Paul, She will be missed by many I am sure. 

The Buzzards were also out over the downs enjoying the wind.

Windy with sun and clouds.

Sunday May 29th

Still removing the backfill to the spoil heap, Barry was up there supervising and  using his metal detector – Just in case.

Roma went around the site with buckets of soil filling up the rabbit holes down which we twist our ankles regularly. We are all grateful   Roma.

At last we can see some progress and the shape of the walls under the plastic covers is becoming clear.  Its very tempting to tear the plastic off them but we have to  clear the whole site or they  will only get covered in dust again. 

Spotted – A man in an orange boiler suit walking his dogs which he allowed to foul the grass and then walked off – THANKS MATE!

The spitfire was back again today.

Very windy, clouds and slight rain

Off home to the regulation soak in the bath.

Hunted down my trowel that was lurking in a cupboard.  Hope to use it soon.


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