Digger’s diary – June 4th to 12th, 2011

Saturday 4th June

Arrived late at the site to find everyone digging and barrowing and the spoil heap getting bigger.

Have had to give up on barrowing and have left it to the fit and tough.  The fit are hammering in to the mini cliff on the north side of the dig and I have joined the lesser Trojans clearing up the spaces between the walls.

The plastic is exposed and  the shapes of the walls can now be seen.   We are finding objects that were buried in last years spoil that we were unable to locate due to lack of time.  They are being cleaned by the pot washers who are very organised and already in place.  These finds cannot be related to the site in any way but may be used for visitors to handle.

Sunday 5th June

The Shed is filling up with all the familiar tools.  This years digging will be different.  I see another learning curve coming up.

Lunch time, Roma announced that tea and coffee was in the shed – murmers of appreciation. 

Weather was cloudy and damp so not so much dust flying about.  Those who have been clearing the backfill deserve a medal for stickability.  There was one little bit of plastic left covered at the end of the day.

12th  June 2011

Arrived today to find the last of the backfill to be cleared off the plastic covers on the courtyard – which we did.

I was  employed in removing some of the plastic from the corridor wall and cleaning the stones and spaces between the walls.

Making things look pretty again.

We now have a portacabin  to be used as a visitor centre cum office for the project manager and anyone else who can wangle some space, I’ve no doubt.

I hope no-one has a nervous disposition because when you first look at it, you could be forgiven for thinking it might go for a walk down the slope.  . 

Its all an optical illusion and I can re-assure those of a nervous disposition that it is absolutely level and going nowhere.

By the end of the day the plastic was taken up and the site although looking a bit tired was finally exposed again.  We can soon put that right as cleaning the walls is the next job. 

Andrew gathered us together during the day and thanked us for all our hard work.  Much appreciated Andrew.

Our site has caught the interest of the wider world as The BBC “Dig for Britain” programme is coming to film us on the 25th June.  Does Folkestone realise what it has on its doorstep?

Six and a half thousand years of history lie just under our feet and not just on the East Cliff.

We hear of people finding tiles, pots, plates and coins in their gardens.  Its all out there just waiting to be found. 

Legend has it that the soil on my allotment comes from what was dug out to make the Hythe Canal.  It might be true as I keep digging up bits of clay pipe that the navvies probably used.


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