Digger’s Diary – Day Three (August 3rd, 2010)

Still in trench  1.

Oh! the excitement of  our FIRST FIND – compliments of Kev who came to our rescue and hammered into the cast iron soil with his spade and came up with part of an iron age pot. After that there was no stopping us. 

All the finds from the first level were put in a holding tray and the finds in the second level into the hollow of a spade until there was so much we had to send for another tray. The levels and their finds must relate and MUST NOT BE MIXED UP or else!!

All this was going on in OUR TRENCH but across the green in trench 3 they located two pieces of pottery – Samian Ware, I had often seen mentioned in books.  Then lurking in the side of THEIR TRENCH a Quern Stone was spotted. I’m learning to spell.

I have to confess a teeny bit of “green” was rising until it was pointed out that our finds were much older, and might be about 700 BC. It’s quite true that you get that “feeling” when you first hold something in your hands that no other person has touched for 2,000 years. You do begin to wonder what they were like and want to know more.   

Under Keith’s very patient guidance and tuition we began to gain confidence in what we were doing.  Lunch time is a good time to learn things. Everyone pools their knowledge and there are tales to tell of “digs past”  Whatever you do, leave your trench clean at the end of the day because if it rains overnight all the loose stuff left behind turns to mud and messes up the trench.

For those who may wish to know I did find out how they know exactly where to dig. They use a piece of equipment called a GPS and this allows them to plot the position of The Villa. Sounds familiar!

We now have a steady trickle of interested public wanting to know if we have found something or are we digging up the Roman Villa. Oh boy! can we sell it to them?  I reckon we have gained at least a dozen new volunteers so far. Keith’s little army is steadily growing, but I can see we do need the “Outreach” teams to take over as we are good at avoidance of the task in hand if we think it’s a bit tough. See, I’m beginning to use the jargon.

Off home now for a hot bath and massage of very painful arm.

Got my nice new pointy trowel.


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