Digger’s diary – August 4th to 6th, 2010

About that Samian Ware that was found in trench 3. Apparently it wasn’t a random “Lets chuck out the old stuff dear and get in some new”.  They were what is referred to as ‘placed’. One of the plates had a sea shell set on top which made it interesting.  It is not unusual to find dishes like these placed in ditches and special places and the reasons are lost in time, but may have some special or magical purpose.

Now I’m not making any comments but someone somewhere has compiled a book of all the potters marks that have ever been recorded and where they were manufactured. We have found our potters.

Big dish by MR PASSIENI 65-80 BC  in the South of France.

Small dish by  MR MOMMO 60-8O BC of La Graufesenque in Southern Gaul.

The tiny bowl by MR ALBINUS 55-65 BC also from La Graufesenque.

It makes you ponder whether they were rivals in trade and had price wars and loss leaders, just like us.

HULLO BOYS – Nice to know you. – We’ve got your numbers  – We like your pots.

In trench 3 we are still finding pieces of Iron Age pottery and the shape in the bottom of the trench keeps changing as the layers of soil change.  This is very challenging trying to separate the different levels and every now and then Keith or Andy come along and sort us out.  We have found our own very tiny piece of Samian Ware which might have the potters marks on it once it is washed.  So, our friends above may have a companion.

Spinners and weavers will be interested to learn that we have found a spindle whorl.  A little flat, round piece of pottery with a hole in it, through which a stick is placed and then the whole thing is spun round and miraculously makes thread from combed sheep’s wool, long before the spinning wheel. Spinners out there correct me if I’m wrong.

We now have our own QUERN STONE.  It is poking out from the side of our trench taunting us – “You cant get me” it seems to be saying. “I’m safe.  Oh yes we will, eventually.


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