A Town Unearthed  5th – 19th  September 2010  

Winbolt in his report on the original dig mentioned a chalk floor in one of the rooms. We found it.  Every thing that Winbolt recorded we have found so far.

 Its all been prettied up and photographed  – Just like a Bride

Having got down to Winbolts level we can now go underneath to see what’s there.  The chalk floor turned out to be nothing to do with either of the Villas and was pre-conquest.  What’s more we have found bits of chalk floors in nearly every room which indicates Iron Age settlement.  The Romans just built all over what was there.

I can’t keep up with everything that’s happening around the site.  Concentrating on what I am doing leaves no time to see what everyone else is up to.  Just occasionally there is a flurry of excitement as something special turns up.

 A Town Unearthed 19th September 2010  

Arrived just in time for lunch – Had three days off and got withdrawal symptons.  What’s been going on while I’ve not been here to supervise? 

Chalk floors have disappeared and little ditches have appeared and the flint man is back combing through the spoil barrows. 

Treat to listen to him describing how a flint was made, what it was used for, the era it comes from.  Did you know that flints change colour as they get older.  They turn white just like you and me.  

I may have thrown some of those away thinking they were something chalky.  I will go to hell – I know I will.  

Spent the afternoon – REACHING OUT – you know – to the public.  Have a lovely time telling them all about it.  Makes me feel as if I know lots of stuff, which I very well don’t – but they don’t know that.  

People are very interested.  Some confess rather sheepishly that they played on the walls as children – others nicked pieces of the mosaic – THEY ALL REGRET IT NOW.  If only we had realised, they say. 

Somebody said, “you seem to know quite a lot”.  Thanks to our Leader and his team of experts who very patiently answer questions they must have heard a hundred times, it probably seems as if I do.  It’s a long way off from relating it all to history, geology, geography and all the other disciplines that run side by side with archaeology. 

If only I were 20 years younger. 


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