A Town Unearthed 4th September 2010

 Various little groups are doing different jobs all over the site.  Richard and his helpers are digging even further into the area just outside Villa room 51.  I get glimpses of deep digging, shovelling, barrowing and buckets being filled.

 In between, Keith and Barry or, Keith and anyone who knows what they are doing, get on with measuring walls and rooms and plotting them on to paper.  This looks very complicated.  I might get to learn how to do this if I am lucky. 

I am learning about  FEATURES – These are areas in the soil that look different and need to be excavated and plotted. 

Our leader looks down into a room which as far as I am concerned is devoid of any thing that looks different and says  “You see that bit over there, just where that stone sticks out and that bit just beyond and round it as far as the wall. I want you to carefully trowel that out to a depth of four inches” and you say,  where?  It’s then you realise that you have to – Get Your Eye In.

 I kept hearing this phrase when I first started coming up here. 

Leader then draws a line round the area and you start trowelling.  Sure enough it turns into a FEATURE.   

FEATURES can be rubbish pits, drains, floors, post holes.  I am sure there will be more as we go along. 

A spindle whorl made of Samian Ware turned up today – very posh.  Must have belonged to someone grand. 

I think it came from a period after the Villa went out of use. 

There is so much happening on this site that it is hard to keep up with what’s coming out of the ground. All the small finds get put into little plastic bags, taken away by Barry to his hut up by the gate, photographed and catalogued.  

I went and had a peek the other day.  There are lots of them.


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