Back after a few days off, thinking my Clay Lined Pit alias Pudding Basin would have been dealt with and disappeared off the landscape.  It was still there and Keith helped me measure the half I had dug out. 

Only a small space but out came the string, ruler and spirit level. I was a bit slow remembering but we established a datum after using various rocks to get the level right.  I measured along the points of reference in the pit and Keith plotted them on to the graph paper.  

Now dig out the rest of it said Leader and put the contents into these two buckets and the funny green clay into that bucket. The buckets were not the old black things that we usually use for spoil. 

These were important looking white buckets with lidsPudding Basin has achieved STATUS. Its contents are going away for analysis.  Membership of the BASIN CLUB is definitely in the air.

 The contents are going to one of those experts who all seem to exist on the outskirts of Archaeology, water sieved and identified so that we will know what the pit was used for.

 Whoever these residents were, who lived on our East Cliff  before the Romans came and they go back 6’000 years if the finds we are getting are anything to go by, seem to me to have been organised, exported their Quern Stones and anything else they could trade and knew how to survive and communicate with other parts of Europe. 

I wonder how we would get on if all our technology today was somehow taken away and we had to rely on our knowledge of the world around us. We would not know how to grow our own food, grind grain and make bread.   

 I’ve got one of the earliest clockwork radios but it wouldn’t work if there was no signal .


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