A Town Unearthed  September 20th 2010  

Its been raining – HARD

 Back in room  53  today after a break of three days.  I want you to take off this area with the light brown soil. Get a finds tray and keep anything you find, separate from Caron and Bob, who are working on the other side of the room. This Area was small and  shaped like half a pudding basin

Observing what Caron and Bob were doing, I think I came off best, as they looked as if they were dealing with a six inch layer of congealed treacle. 

I had some difficulty defining where the light brown soil finished and the other colour started. It’s all very tricky and the “get your eye in” comes into play. 

Next job –  same room – Can you start cleaning up this area over here and take it down a bit.  I’m told there is a feature in there somewhere so I want you to find it. 

A bit of a responsibility  I thought  but as I’ve been doing this since the beginning of August I  think I’m  supposed to know what I’m doing by now.

 It took a few hours of scraping with the trowel but – suddenly –  there was this funny band of  green clay that seemed to go in a semi circle and was about 4” wide.   That doesn’t look as if it belongs there, I thought, remembering the fuse wire. So it was off to get  our leader. 

After a bit of positive digging around the area, he said, “Do you know what I think you have found” – “No” –   “A CLAY LINED PIT – and I haven’t seen one of those since the Isle of Thanet” 

A straight line and a semi circle were drawn in the top soil and I was told to dig out within that area, go right down to the bottom.of the pit and remove what was in there.  So, I ended up once again with half a pudding basin.  Will my basin, being only half, qualify for membership of this mysterious – ORDER OF PUDDING BASINS – from Thanet and the rest of the country? 

Next job, once you’ve finished, is to draw it, said our leader. You can do it if you like. –  I’ll show you how.  For a busy person our leader is very generous with his time for us learners.  Time ran out today so maybe tomorrow I will learn how to draw a feature.

 So, off  home to a nice soak in the bath, write all this up and  into bed to dream of my CLAY LINED PIT. 


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