A Town Unearthed – Wednesday 19th August 2010 

DUST. DUST and MORE DUST – ALL DAY!!  – We are all finally getting to grips with the infill of the 1950s.   

I knew it was going to be hard work as there seemed an awful lot more barrows, spades and buckets lined up by the hut. 

Decked out in our hazard suits and masks we could have done a bank! No-one would recognise us.  Didn’t even try and look as if Mary Quant had designed them.   

 We all got stuck in and no-one was spared except a few lucky pot washers.  I want all of you out there to know our pain as we dug and barrowed non-stop and I hope all those visitors who came to see the dig appreciated that what they were viewing was a – HEROIC EFFORT OF IMMENSE PROPORTIONS – if they come back tomorrow – THEY CAN SEE IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

 Better still, they too can be HEROES  and give us a hand.  There’s plenty more barrows and spades.

 I was finally released from my own personal pain at about 2 pm to go and tidy up one of the newly exposed walls.  Thank you Bruce, Samuel and Jamie who came to visit and also got roped in.  

 That’s it – More  tomorrow – Must have mad genes somewhere along the family tree.


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