A Town Unearthed – Tuesday 17th August 2010 

Back to yesterday.  The BIG  DIGGER   was supposed to arrive at 10am .  Well, we had a driver minus his machine which eventually turned up at 12.30 on a low loader. Before he could get into the field he had to pull out a vehicle rescue lorry that had turned up to rescue a van that had broken down. 

The consequence of all this dithering and lateness is that, at today’s end, we arrived at the stage where we should have been, at yesterdays end. 

BIG DIGGER eventually got to work to remove most of the ash infill from the previous dig.   That’s when I found out what all those bags we filled with spoil were for. They are there to weigh down the tarpaulin that is covering the ash and to stop the wind blowing it all away.  Simple!

We again had the pleasure of seeing the boys in their hazard suits, although we have noticed that Keith seems to have got a replacement which actually goes round him.

While all this was going on some of us were up at my favourite Trench No 1.  A piece of pottery that looked like Samian Ware

came up but  turned out to be 4th century Oxfordshire Ware.  How did that get there?

I’ve been saving this till last, I HAVE FOUND A COINNo detectors. No spec savers. ALL BY MYSELF.  Daft, getting excited, isn’t it.  Don’t know what it is yet.  Must keep the tension going!

18th August 2010  

 Arrived today to find huge mounds of soil and ash which BIG DIGGER has shovelled on to the sides of the site.  Our mission, which we accepted, was to straighten the sides of the dig area, tidy up with our spades and barrow away the spoil so that the metal detectorists could check it.  A modern cameo ring turned up and a George 5th coin. 

Lots of tile is coming up and the race is on to see who can find the first piece of Classis Brittanica.  There’s a FOUR FINGER KIT KAT in it for the winner.  No expense is spared to encourage us! The pots and pieces washers have a head start as they had six bucket loads delivered this evening.

Diggers Driver did us all a favour today and filled in Trench 3.  We have been eyeing this huge mound of spoil for a few days, knowing that someone was going to have to tackle it.  We could have kissed him, but he didn’t know that.

Home to a soak in the bath and dream about that coin.


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