A Town Unearthed  – Monday 16th August 2010 

Yesterday, at the end of the day, Keith took those of us still there on a tour of the site and explained where we were with everything and what the plan is now that we have written permission to start uncovering the Villa.  


Three walls will be exposed at the front of the Villa and from what we can see at the moment, the Villa was stepped down the hill side.    

Looking at the plan from the original dig, it had a porch entrance facing out to sea with a courtyard.  It is the courtyard that we will be digging down into as it is thought that this area was untouched in the previous dig.  If you look at a plan of the Villa you will see that all the rooms and corridors have been numbered.  No 40 has the mosaic floor in it and we will be looking at that. 

Reports from those who were there at the time say that, during the War, an Anti-Aircraft gun was placed on this mosaic in order to shoot down doodlebugs.(I can just remember that nasty chugging sound they made). However, the gunners did have the foresight to put it on a platform of railway sleepers. We Hope – Something for the research teams to look into. 

Because the site is sloping, the Villa has side extensions to stop it sliding down the hillside.  They would act like a buttress. 

On the end of the northern extension facing out to sea are the remains of an earlier villa that has a bow end.  It is getting ready to go over the cliff so we have reached it just in time. Underneath this whole area we may well find even earlier remains of settlement.  

First job, after the digger has been in, will be to clean up the walls.  DO NOT STAND ON THEM  they are fragile

 Middle Trench 

This is one we dug to find out what’s going on outside the Villa.  We have found a ditch going towards the cliff and parallel to the Villa. So far, it has produced a gold coin about 35 BC, a Poten and early pieces of pottery. 

Trench 1 that was Trench 2 

This is my favourite so far – Help me – I’m turning into an anorak

It changes shape every few days.  It has developed – Post holes. A Quern Stone. A Working Platform. Four Iron Age Coins. Early Roman Amphora. Ditches through, under and over other ditches.  There’s bound to be more. 

We can’t continue with this trench and hopefully local people  will take it on if we cant come back to it.  How about a LOCAL ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY.  Be careful what you call it!! 

Its getting late 


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