A Town Unearthed – Sunday 15th August 2010 

Turned up today to find loads more helpers, who all seemed to have lots of experience, digging perilously close to the edge of the cliff.  That long trench we dug yesterday has turned a right angle and is heading along the cliff edge in a northerly direction. 

Suddenly found myself part of the digging party.  It was jolly hard work as we had to cut through the long grass with our spades.  It was supposed to be a straight line but went a bit wonky because the soil was so crumbly.  Just as I thought we had finished Keith came along and pointed up the line and extended it even further right into a bank of nettles and other tall noxious weeds.

 I can’t dig any more I bleated and got the job of clearing the nettles.  Re-enforcements were called for so I went and got a bill hook from the hut and set about it.  It was no easier than the digging – served me right 

After that some soil sifting on Trench 4 and found a few bits and pieces.  CLASSIS BRITANNICA reared its head again, so I asked Keith what it was.  You want to learn he said? – GO AND RESEARCH IT. 

I did – I asked Adrian in the lunch break.   CLASSIS BITANNICA was the Roman navy that was based in Boulogne, Dover and Lympne.  The Roman Navy apparently made their own roof tiles and they are stamped with CLBR.  

The big thing is, if we find some on this site with those letters, it could mean that the Roman Navy was here in Folkestone for some reason. 

We have found a very special piece of Amphora that probably contained Italy’s cheap old export wine.  It is this that is interesting and not the container. 

The amphora dates to about 25 BC.  We know this because they have all been analysed, photographed and measured by a man called Dressel and this is a 1B

 Now – It is thought that the Romans looked down on the locals because they drank beer. The local gentry looked up to the Romans and because they drank wine, started to import it in order to be like them.   The ordinary chap was probably much too sensible, knew his place and stuck to beer. 

It is thought that it was traded for hunting dogs and slaves. 

Tell you lots more tomorrow. 


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