A town Unearthed 14th August 2010


Familiar faces are turning up again to help.  People go off for a few days and actually come back!.  No fair-weather workers these. It’s nice to see them.

The fencing has been moved around again and now encloses the Villa site and trench 4, that has developed an extension.

Trench 2 that is now trench 1 and is SPECIAL, has its own little pen, no less.  We found our first chunk of Iron Age pottery in there and its getting more and more interesting.  

We are digging a trench along the wall of  the villa that is getting longer and longer and moving ever closer to the cliff edge.  It will be part of the boundary that the digger will operate within and bits of the Villa are beginning to appear.

Lots of little canvas bags arrived today.  They smell like Lino to me (for those who may remember) and we spent some time at the end of the day  filling them with some of the spoil and ash from the previous infill of the Villa.

Keith came up with an improvisation in the shape of a road cone with a hole in the narrow end.  This was turned upside down in the mouth of the sack and we poured in the ash. I’ll find out tomorrow what they are for.

The pot and pieces washers were missing their Gazebo and had to wash out in the open.  That nice Tea on the Lawn effect has gone for ever along with the urn. 

I keep hearing CLASSIS BRITANNICA talked about in a hopeful serious way.  In my mind I see an encyclopaedia?


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