Digger’s diary – 13th August, 2010

The day started well. Enlarging Trench 2 and filling in others.  AT LAST we have moved down to the Villa site where a trial trench was dug to ascertain the depth of the ash infill.

Hazard suits were required for this job and we all stood around as Richard and Keith put on the gear.  There’s one drawback to these suits – They are one size for all – Barry was there to take their photographs and if you are lucky and Keith doesn’t get to them first, you may get to see them on the web.

No! I’m not laughing because we might well have to wear them next week when the Digging Machine comes to remove the ash.

As for the rest of the day, Friday 13th finally got us in the guise of a freak wind which came out of nowhere and demolished the gazebo and much worse sent a wheelbarrow with a large amphora that was resting in it rolling towards the cliff.

Sadly like Humpty we won’t be able to be put either of them together again.

Trench 2 has suddenly become Trench 1 – No I don’t know why!!


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