Digger’s Diary – 11th August 2010

I have come to realise in the last 10 days,  from my Josephine Blogs position, that Archealogical Digs are great places for the not sure syndrome. Could be – Might be – Should be  – Probably not – Wouldn’t it be nice – We should be so lucky – Can we say that yet – Better not – don’t tell the  press yet  – Don’t want egg on the face – That’s what it looks like but we could be wrong –  I always had a feeling about this site – I thought that yesterday but now I realise – That wasn’t what I was expecting – This is hugely significant and If this is correct the implications are – I could fill the page.

I am so glad I am just a volunteer and don’t have to make any decisions.  The responsibility of this project is huge and I have only admiration for those responsible for getting it off the ground and running it.  THE INSPECTOR IS COMING!

Having got that out of the way. Today I was on duty in trench 4, or more accurately just outside, having shovels of earth hurled at me by Richard and Adrian as they delved even deeper into the trench.

I’m not sure but I think they’ve got hydraulic systems built into their arms as their accuracy was very precise but rather alarming.  My job was to sift through (with my little trowel) picking out bits of pottery, bone, and any worked flints that came along. Coins have not come my way so far.

Teeth are everywhere. I’ve seen every kind of molar since I started doing this. Some look decidedly menacing – We can set you up with some really impressive dentures!

We managed to get the gazebo up this morning and Marion was busy talking to the visitors who came by to see what we are doing.  Everyone is welcome to come. Volunteers are even more welcome.  We are here seven days a week until the end of September.  After that we have to refill the site until we come back next year. 

Some more volunteers turned up to wash the pots and pieces. Thank you. They have a nice big table and chairs under the Gazebo with lots of washing up bowls and toothbrushes.  It looks, from a distance, just like a very sedate tea party on the lawn.

I like the children coming. They are so inquisitive and you can hear them thinking and working things out.

Today I got TICKED OFF quite rightly too, for walking all over part of a dig that had JUST BEEN CLEANED

Some post holes have appeared in trench 2.

Had enough today – Off to bed and the tube of Deep Relief (for muscles and Pain!!)


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