A Town Unearthed  –  Jan – Feb 2011  

Processing the finds 

When we are digging up at the  Villa Site, all the finds, after being washed,  are put into one bag and what we are doing during the processing is re-sort them into categories which are – Pottery, Bones, Shells, Flints and miscellaneous items like pieces of metal and things we don’t recognise which could be anything.

The could be anything things  are then checked by Andrew who says that’s rubbish or identifies them.  Nothing gets lost.

When we were digging I was puzzled as to why so many labels were written out for one tray or bag of finds.  All those labels I now learn are important and are used to identify which part and at what level of the excavation the finds come from and follow the sorted items into their categories. 

Some of this work was done at the University Centre in Folkestone but now, curtesy of the Creative Foundation, we have a nice little room in Tontine Street with all mod cons attached and we can work in there.  You can come in and look around while we are working.  Someone will always talk to you if you have questions.

We had a visit from the BBC TV and some of us had a few seconds fame as we imparted our new found knowledge to a wider audience.


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