Digger’s Diary – 7th August 2010

A Town Unearthed  7th August 2010

Arrived today to find  Trench 2 has suddenly got longer and deeper and the stone feature we thought was a  modern wall might be stone age.  The top layer of stones has been taken off and underneath is a much wider platform with a ditch on either side. In the side of the ditch is that quern stone which we are  – NOT ALLOWED TO DIG OUT. 


Excitement and conjecture reign because it just might be where the local quern stones were made.  It has always been assumed that they were made down on the beach and hauled up the cliff or taken off in barges.  There is already interest outside the immediate dig and we might get some other interested experts down to look at it.  Folkestone doesn’t realise what an important place it was in the Iron Age. 

Our little trench that looked so dull is far from it

Trench 3 that produced a ditch and the placed Samian Ware, made by our boys in Southern France has generated another trench, No 5 and the hope is to pick up the line of the ditch in Trench 3. 

I’m going to like Trench 5.  We’ve already  found some Iron Age pottery and  two tiny fragments of glass, one amber coloured and flattened like a disc, and the other green and shaped.

Those metal detectorists are so clever because they found a rounded metal object about two inches long, wider at one end and tapering to a point. And another coin.  Quite a lot of flints are emerging  and  I cant wait to find out on Tuesday what else has turned up.

Off for two days


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