A TOWN UNEARTHED – 31st August 2011


Lurking underneath all those courtyard cobbles and stones was a layer of GREEN clay  waiting to make our lives a misery.  Just scrape off that layer over here or over there and expose the GREEN layer was the order of the day..                                                                                    

Thank you Fairy  Godmother for sending some rain at decent intervals.  The layers were baked hard and because the GREEN was broken up and had been trampled upon (not by us) it was all mixed up.  

The aim was to find any features before removing THE GREEN otherwise christened – Kryptonite. This we did and there are post holes and gulleys and other features  showing up that we are not quite sure about; so it had to be done. I found a square chunk of iron which when cleaned may turn out to be something interesting.  

You can tell I never want to see anything GREEN for a long time. 

Out of all this hard labour have come some interesting finds, one being a square block of stone with four holes drilled through which has been identified as a loom weight.  It was quite heavy so I suppose it would have been a rather large loom.  We think we are so clever with our energy driven machines but the ancients also knew how to do things, they just didn’t have the benefit of our knowledge.   

Who has heard of Hertfordshire Pudding Stone?  I hadn’t until a piece was discovered in our ever increasing pile of stones.  It was part of a quern stone and not manufactured in Folkestone.     

I am sorry to say that it was obviously far superior to our greensand querns and having tried to make a loaf using  flour ground from one of ours, I suspect, in the interests of efficiency, the owner must have  decided to bring this one with him or had it delivered. 

You should all look up the Hertfordshire Pudding Stone on the internet.  It is quite beautiful and does indeed look just like a rich fruit pudding with lots of different small pebbles  incorporated into it. 

 I would like a table top made of it (much nicer than marble).  The colours are dazzling. 

It’s surprising what you learn doing this work. 


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