A TOWN UNEARTHED – 20th – 31st July 2011

All those stones that Andy drew have all been photographed and taken away.  We seem to be building another dry stone wall.  It will get bigger as there are more stones underneath the ones we have just removed. 

During all this carting away we found various coins, iron tools, some lead  and lots of rusty nails and other finds which tells us that the Villa was still occupied around AD390. 

The stones underneath  appear to be another earlier courtyard that is all in patches and I of course thought that they would be the courtyard of the earlier Villa until it was pointed out to me by our leader that  these stones were higher than the foundations of the earlier Villa.  So that was the end of my clever notion. 

While all the larger stones were having there portraits drawn and photos taken some of the other tough diggers were digging trenches along the south side of the courtyard uncovering another length of the pre-roman ditch we discovered last year.  The Romans just filled it in with clay as it must have got in the way of their building. 

Visitors are still coming in to see what we are doing.  Some of our council members came the other day.  I hope they were impressed with what we have found.  

This whole site could be investigated for the next twenty years and we would be fully occupied.  IT’S A JOLLY GOOD TOURIST ATTRACTION. 

Local people are regular visitors and want to keep up with progress.  Some volunteer to work and one young lady who was too young to dig has come back to help the processors wash and clean the finds.  It is good to see such a young person who is genuinely interested and wants to learn.   

Last year we had a young lad  (Harry)who was a regular helper with the public and is now able to dig as well.  

If this site was able to stay open we could form a young archaeologist club to work with the adults and promote a genuine interest among young residents in the history of the town. 

Those spitfires keep coming over to entertain us.  It’s very nice of them. 











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