A TOWN UNEARTHED – 13th September 2011


Digging carries on apace and interesting finds are popping out of the ground as we go along.

 A piece of pot turned up with some of the potters mark on it – ERT – immediately christened BERT by the diggers.  However our leader told me how to look him up on the internet and he turns out ot be SM [ERTU] CCOS – The diggers  now have another variation but I leave that to your imagination. 

Another piece of spindle whorl has turned  up today and if we are lucky we may find the other half. 

The enormous ditch that runs along the cliff edge has now developed a junction and is heading off towards the southwest.

Yesterday, Andy, who was down in the junction cleaning it up for photographs had a narrow escape when the wind got up and a low flying bucket whizzed past his head.  Remembering last year when the same wind destroyed the gazebo and Amphora, I notice today that he and another wary digger are wearing hard hats. 

At the west end of this ditch, right down at the bottom, we unearthed a pigs head and later the rest of the carcase came to light.  This must have been placed there deliberately and there is much conjecture as to the purpose of the placement. 

May be they were just like us and enjoyed a good old pig roast now and then.

 According to those who know, the pig was held in high regard by the ancients of this period. I have no doubt that it will go off to an expert and of course it will be an Iron Age pig and not like our modern beasts. 

This ditch is an extension of the one we unearthed last year (outside the dig) and in there was placed some Samian Ware.  My guess is, that if we could follow this ditch right round the site we could well find other placements, but that’s only my  inexperienced guess.

It would be nice if we could get the funding to excavate this whole site.  It could keep us busy for the next twenty years. 


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