22nd August – 2011

A Town Unearthed –  22nd August 2011  

The history of our Villa is getting quite interesting and complicated.  Once we had removed the fallen walling from the courtyard we found underneath a large area of Roman roof tiles.  No Classis Britannica in this deposit, but we took out twenty five sacks of the stuff.  I can see plenty of work for the processors over the winter.

This area is like layer cake that has broken up and the layers have got mixed up.  Our clever archaeologists are not daunted and have it all under control.  I never know where I am going to dig.  There are little areas all over the site with diggers having a go.  All those little stones from the lower courtyard have to be cleaned and exposed and eventually I suppose we will all be tackling the same layer. 

The reason for this fragmentation I have learned is that this whole area is sliding towards the sea and at the same time is turning in on itself.

Finds are tumbling out every day.  I still haven’t been lucky enough to find anything exciting so I am pea green with envy of those who have found things like the little brooch In the shape of a hare, a little fish shaped brooch and the latest find an iron stylus as used on wax tablets, about 6 inches long.  It needs cleaning.  Did it come from the admin department I wonder and will we find a wax tablet that has writing on it?  

I have a lovely time letting my imagination roam.


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