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My name is Annie Partridge and I am currently undertaking a Council for British Archaeology training placement to be a Community Archaeologist, hosted by Canterbury Archaeological Trust. As part of my training, I have been leading the archaeology side of things on this season of the A Town Unearthed Project, where we revisited the area around the East Cliff. This season was a bit different from last year as we opened a series of test pits in the gardens of willing residents to establish the extent of the Roman Villa and earlier Iron Age settlement. Although the test pitting has finished now, we will be busy analysing our finds over the winter and hope to have the results in the New Year! We’ve had some very interesting discoveries, all details of the excavations and our finds can be seen on my blog – the first installment is below… 

Monday, July 9, 2012

The first test pit…

Last week we started, and finished, our first test pit with the A Town Unearthed project. I had a fantastic team of volunteers who did a marvellous job, even if the results were not as exciting as last year. This was my first excavation where I was in sole charge of the archaeology and the people but we all survived and I think everything was recorded properly (!)

So down the excavation side of things. We were asked by the chap who is doing up the house to come in and dig a water pipe trench from his house to the meter (the trench was about 9 metres long in the end) as he didn’t need planning permission for it and thought we might like to have a look. There had been work done on the house before when the walls were put up so we had a pretty good idea of what to expect, and it didn’t disappoint.

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